New Library in Jefferson Parish

A new library will be built and named after community leaders Joseph and Constance Caroll. The $2.2 million dollar project will be located in Avondale and will be around 4,500 square feet. “For many years, this community has asked about a library. Our young children who often need guidance…..this is going to be a resource for them and their families,” says Parish Council member Byron Lee.

The library will house meeting spaces, study rooms and a dozen public computer stations and will be located at 588 Avondale Garden Road on the west bank. “Whatever financial gaps or whatever digital that may exist, it won’t exist for very long once this beautiful building is built,” commented Lee.

Joseph and Constance Carroll have been community leaders in Avondale for a long time. They have had a hand in education so this is fitting for them. Their names will be put on the learning institution which is dedicated to education. The library will also have music education in some form or fashion in honor of Mrs. Caroll’s dedication as a music teacher.

The library is needed to fill a gap in the community. It will serve as a safe haven for citizens as well. “Libraries are no longer simply about housing collections. We are about making connections,” boasts Jessica Styons, the new library’s director.

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