Land Beneath the Elevated West Bank Will No Longer Be an Eyesore

Everyone who goes on the elevated West Bank Expressway knows it is an eyesore but nothing has been done about it in the past because the state of Louisiana owns it. This might change as Jefferson’s legislative delegation plans to introduce a bill that would give control of the property to the parish. Currently, the land is covered with litter and is an undeveloped eyesore. The area beneath US 90, Terry Parkway and Garden Road is also used for homeless encampments.

“It always looks terrible. We need to be able to control our own fate,” says council member Ricky Templet.

The parish would like to see the land be put to good use as new parks, drainage infrastructure or buildings for retailers. “That’s a great place for economic development, and also, it can give the people of west Jefferson a better quality of life,” says state Rep. Timothy Kerner.

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