Will There Be Fire Station Closures on the West Bank?

The east bank of Jefferson Parish consolidated its fire districts many years ago, and they are considering doing the same on the west bank of the parish. Jefferson Parish Council is currently conducting a study to see what would need to be done to consolidate the six west bank fire districts.

The study which was unanimously approved now needs consultants. The Jefferson Parish Council will now take between eight months to a year to find a consultant who will do the study. If the study goes as the council predicts, then it will lead to closing fire stations and putting trucks into storage. This does not sound too appealing but according to firefighter Deano Bonano, this could mean additional firefighters would need to be hired.

“If you consolidate all the districts, you can eliminate some stations, eliminate some trucks and cut back on administrative staff and costs,” he said.

Through the years, west bank fire departments have had a harder and harder time with financing and keeping firefighters. The department has both volunteer and paid firefighters. The west bank volunteer departments are run as private non-profits with their own boards.  For some of the smaller departments in the parish, it has been hard to get volunteers. The training requirements are very strict for volunteer firefighters.

These small districts are having to tap into financial reserves to hire paid staff to fill the positions not filled by volunteers. State firefighters are also not able to work in the departments because the districts are not part of the state firefighters’ retirement system. The benefits of the government-run fire departments are also taking qualified firefighters from the area.

The study will take these issues and others into account as they concluded how much it will cost every year for Jefferson Parish to run a west bank consolidated district. They will look at every issue as a big picture.

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New Orlean Saints vs. Green Bay Packers, August 19, 2022

New Orleans Saints vs. Green Bay Packers

Lambeau Field
1265 Lombardi Avenue
Green Bay, WI 54304

August 19, 2022

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New Orlean Saints vs. Houston Texans, August 13, 2022

New Orleans Saints vs. Houston Texans

NRG Stadium
NRG Pkwy
Houston, TX 77054

August 13, 2022

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4th Annual New Orleans Salsa Bachata Festival, August 12 – 15, 2022

There will be nightly performances and dance workshops included at this event in New Orleans.

Marriott New Orleans
Canal Street @ French Quarter
New Orleans, LA

August 12 – 15, 2022

$15 – $195

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A New Orleans Lakefront Condo Under Controversy

The Pearl condominium, a planned new residential development on the Old Basin Canal in New Orleans, has some flooding concerns. The West End development is being proposed by Oceana USA LLC and is located on South Roadway Street across from the Municipal Yacht Harbor.

The project will be on a segment of the New Basin Canal that is north of the Sewerage & Water Board’s Pump Station 12. This puts the development outside the lakefront hurricane levee. The original project was to be 15 stories but was revamped to six floors of condos, parking, and amenity space. The larger and smaller concept of the project needs 800 cubic yards of fill material to be added to the canal. This means that part of the building and its balconies would be built on what is current canal water.

This is why many such as the Lakeshore Property Owners’ Association, the Municipal Yacht Harbor Management Corp. and the Southern Yacht Club, as well as several tenants of nearby boathouses, are concerned with this project going forward. If they were to fill 800 cubic yards of the canal, this would make it more narrow increasing the potential of flooding boathouses and businesses that surround the project.

The canal is very important when it comes to rainfall runoff. In fact, it serves as the outlet for rainfall runoff pumped from about 1,600 acres of the Lakeview neighborhood by Pump Station 12, and if the pump station is operating during high tides, the narrowing of the waterway could cause water levels to rise a foot or more.

Oceana defends its project saying the canal would not increase water heights high enough for concern. The engineering firm that is working for Oceana points out that the canal is only 165 feet long and the water level raised in the area would only be around 10 inches. Changes would be unnoticeable in other parts of the harbor and the lake.

“While we generally support future development in our city, our utmost priority is to protect our canals from any potential negative impacts that may diminish our ability to pump storm water,” S&WB Executive Director Ghassan Korban said.

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