Jefferson Parish’s West Bank Expressway Will Get a Facelift

The West Bank Expressway is a corridor for panhandlers who ask vehicles for money but this will go away once a $1.35 million project will enhance the roadway. Projects included include new landscaping and signage at all the intersections from Terry Parkway to Ames Boulevard and new trees that will line the landscaping from Westwood Drive to Nine Mile Point Road. The improvements will also include removing the walkways along the road so that the panhandlers will not have a place to panhandle motorists.

“We’re trying to sell a quality of life and a better place to live here in Jefferson Parish and especially on the West Bank. It doesn’t take much for you to look around at this eight miles and say that you’ve ever been proud with what’s here, because I don’t think any of us have,” comments Parish Council member Ricky Templet.

This elevated part of West Bank Express has been the perfect hub for the homeless. The improvements will help alleviate this problem. Sen. Patrick Connick has filed a bill that will transfer this portion of the land from the state to the parish so that the parish can place ordinances against camping.

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