Pathscrossed Will Be Held in Westwego

Pathscrossed is a street party along Sala Avenue that will host three art exhibit openings in Westwego. Sala Avenue will be closed and there will be live music, a red-carpet reception for all and a possible appearance of fire dancers.

The organizer is artist Josh Wigerter, who is using the event as a  tribute to all the artists who’ve contributed to his successful career.  Wingerter is known for his art that was along Frenchman Street that is graffiti style and began during the pandemic lockdown. He wanted to create a display that was kind of like an outdoor art gallery.

He became well known for his portrait of Louis Armstrong with a mask, and Wonder Woman dressed as a vaccine-armed nurse. Wingerter grew up in Westwego and is starting an art colony so to speak in the community. The 37-year-old previously was in management at Home Depot and earned his degree in business at UNO so he knows the business side of things.

He struck a deal with Westwego to rent an abandoned two-story building that used to be a bank. He turned it into a gallery and studio that now is part of the old main area. Wingerter loves the area and **likes the intimate vibe of Sala Avenue and would like to see it grow into an art destination like Royal Street, without the crowds and complications of visiting the French Quarter.**

A big part of this event is to help artists with how to make a living through their art. Among other artists that will be featured at the street party will be Dago, Paco Lane, Monique Lorden and Aubrey McGuire. All of these artists want to embrace the cute little town and add some quirky flavor to Westwego.

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