South Louisiana A Great Place For Trophy Trout

Although south Louisiana has seen some hits from Mother Nature, there are still great trout to be caught in the state’s many waterways. Some might argue that there are no longer big trout to be caught in southern Louisiana’s waters. For decades anglers from all over come to the region because Louisiana is located at the end of the Mississippi River making it a perfect spot for trout fishing.

Speckled trout are known to be a premier fish in the area. The speckled trout goes by many names including spotted sea trout, specks, yellow-mouths, and paper-mouths. The average size of the fish is between 14 – 18″ and weighs between 1 – 3 lbs.

Todd Masson, a writer for Louisiana Sports Man, went on a trouting expedition with Caption Ty Hibbs. Caption Hibbs has been boating and fishing since he was a teenager in Louisiana’s waters. The trip was set to go sight-fishing for redfish in northern Plaquemines Parish’s marshes however they took a detour to a nearby pond to try and catch some speckled trout.

The pair used topwater baits in the pond to catch the trout which Masson explains is his favorite fishing technique. They decided to use this technique because a cool front had come through the area which lowered the water temperatures. Usually when this happens fish tend to go upward to the surface to find food.

Luckily this worked, and within several cast, they caught a speckled trout. The trip ended with taking a photograph of the 26 inches, 6-pound hard-core speckled trout.

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