Customers Prefer These Five Green Products and Systems

According to the 2020 Green Single Family and Multifamily Homes SmartMarket Brief consumers want products and systems that will “directly impact their utility bills or indoor environmental quality.”

The study shows that over half of builders and remodelers (57%) rank green products and systems related to energy efficiency as the primary request from homeowners. In fact, in the same data, it was reported that 84% of homeowners rank it in their top three. Among others in the top three were IEQ (impacting indoor environmental quality) products and systems as well as material and resource-conserving products and systems.

For those builders who identify themselves as green builders (meaning more than 50% of their project is green), many are using green products and systems on more than 50% of their projects. As for energy high-performance practice builders used LED lighting 91%, insulation 82%, windows 75%, blower door testing 45%, Balanced Ventilation (ERV/HRV) 45% and HERS score 51%. For IEQ (impacting indoor environmental quality) builders used direct outdoor ventilation of fans/exhausts 81%, Low-VOC materials 67%, increased moisture control 50% and increased ventilation 45%. When it comes to water 81% used high-efficiency plumbing fixtures, 72% used efficient plumbing techniques and 41% used drought-tolerant landscaping. When it came to materials and renewables, 84% used durable materials, 78% minimized construction waste, 59% used prefabricated components, 16% used solar energy and 13% used geothermal.

The 2020 Green Single Family and Multifamily Homes SmartMarket Brief consist of surveys done by the National Home Builders Association. Four short surveys on market activity, marketing, drivers and obstacles, products and practices lasting about 5-8 minutes each are given to general contractors, home builders, remodelers and developers from
both single and multifamily markets within the United States.

For home building professionals it is important to understand both the overall market and the green-building landscape to better provide consumers what they want in a new build or remodel. Consumers demand is the top driver and customers are wanting green products and systems for their homes.

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