Permanent Meeting Place for the Woodmere Civic Association in Harvey

Things are looking up for Woodmere subdivision in Harvey, Louisiana, on the West Bank in Jefferson Parish. The 13,000 residents now have their own community center. Many hope this will encourage a transformation to an area that was once a thriving neighborhood that for now is deemed sketchy for its residents.

The $1.2 million new building project is just part of the revitalization efforts. Twenty thousand dollars is dedicated to the beautification efforts for the surrounding Woodmere Park.

“This building, with them spending the amount of money they’re spending, just shows that they’re trying to make anWoodmere Community Center attempt to bring positive influence to Woodmere,” said civic association attendee Rickeem Jackson. “It’s a really great start, a really great sign of things to come.”

Residents no longer have to leave the suburbs of Harvey, LA, and cross over the river to the Jefferson Parish building to get information. The center will provide classes, housing assistance and aid in the application process for government programs. Residents can also rent the main conference / activity room for events such as wedding receptions, funeral repast, parties, special events and baby showers.

Another great thing the center will offer is a permanent meeting place for the Woodmere Civic Association which doubles as a way for the community to give back to this locally recognized charity organization. The civic association played a big role in the revitalization of Woodmere and the construction of the community center.  Residents can count on the civic association to assist in any interactions they might have with the parish government.  They keep residents up to date on what is going on in the community by sending out emails with crime reports, construction alerts and other neighborhood news.

“It’s been with the help of the civic association and the good people of Woodmere that we’ve turned things around quite a bit,” said Col. John Fortunato, Sheriff’s Office spokesman.  Residents are optimistic about what is going on in the community and hope the suburb will thrive again with working-class families.

The Woodmere Community Center will service not only the local residents of Harvey with a modern facility for meetings and information, but it will also provide a new face for the surrounding neighborhood, offering civic pride as well as a revitalization.

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