Lafitte, LA, Will Be Getting a New Levee System

Lafitte, LA, will be getting a new levee system, in fact, phase one of the project is already under construction. The project, known as the Fisher School Basin, has several phases and will be receiving state funding from Louisiana. The decision to implement several phases is due to the huge amounts of money it will take to complete the project all at once. It is easier to build small sections at a time so funding can be obtained like draws for each step of process.

Phase One which covers the bayou area located at Shipyard Street running to Fleming Road is in the building phaseLafitte Levee Construction and due to be completed in about 12 months. The contractor says this is a conservative estimate but as of now the project is on time.

Phase Two will run from past Fleming’s curve to Fleming Park Road and is slated to break ground once Phase One is completed. Phase Two is expected to be put out for bid in the next several months.

Mayor Tim Kerner said, “The design for the phase is complete and all surveys have been completed. The property needed for the project is currently being appraised and then the necessary steps to acquire the property will be put in motion.”

Phase Three will cover the bayou along the Rosethorne area and is already being surveyed. The design is in place but the appraisals and bid process will not begin for another six to eight months.

The last phases in the project are still in the initial planning stages. The goal of Lafitte’s mayor is to make sure everyone in the Lafitte, Crown Point and Barataria will have levee protection. Phase Four will be Crown Point which is only in the design phase with an estimated cost of $732,000 for the design. Phase Five, Goose Bayou, with a total estimated cost of $8 million is still seeking funding. Designs for Phase Six including Barataria and Lower Lafitte cannot begin until negotiations and plans have been approved.

In the meantime homeowners and businesses can still be protected from floods. If homes on the West Bank have flooded in the past, homeowners might be eligible for funding to have their house raised. Lately, drainage has also been put in so that rainwater will not create flashfloods during heavy rain. Street and road improvements have also been in the works around Lafitte to improve roadways from any storm damage.

The residents of The Parks of Plaquemines, a new home community in Belle Chasse northeast of Lafitte, Louisiana, on the West Bank, are among the lucky in this area who do not have to worry about flooding. According to the new maps created by FEMA in January 2013, Plaquemines Parish has seen a lowering of Base Flood Elevations (BFE). Once the maps have final approval from FEMA, Belle Chasse in particular will see a big reduction or complete removal of flood insurance requirements for its residents. The Parks of Plaquemines, currently located within 2 major levee systems, is an advantageous subdivision to call home with the low or zero risk of flooding and lower cost on flood insurance. Also, this new home neighborhood has never flooded, not even during Hurricanes Katrina or Isaac.

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