New Home Trends That Builders Are Using in 2016

Fashion is not the only area we see ever-changing trends.  Housing looks, features and construction are also changing each year.  If you are looking for a new home or are in the process of building a new home, here are some new home trends we are currently seeing builders build.

The first feature that ranks the highest on our list is a tie between the walk-in closet in the master bedroom and the laundry room.  Builders across the country agreed these two features were very important when building a new home.  Organization is a priority these days, and these two areas enhance organization and storage in a new home.

Next, to add to our list of features that ranked high on a builder’s list are energy features.  In a rating from a vote of 9-205 Oak Park Court Breakfast Room“very likely” equal to 5 and “not at all likely” equal to 1, the Low-E windows rated 4.8, Energy-Star rated appliances rated 4.5, Energy-Star rated windows came in at 4.4 and the programmable thermostat rated 4.4.  We are all concerned with the environment, and energy conservation not only helps the environment but also helps save on your utility bills!

Coming in next is the great room that is one large kitchen-family room-living room combination.  Builders rated the great room an average of 4.7 making it a likely feature that will be included in a new construction home.  Families want to have a house that flows and is open and airy.  Mom can be in the kitchen cooking while keeping an eye on the kids playing in the family room.

Speaking of open and airy, more and more home buyers want 9’ ceilings on the first floor.  This feature can make a small area look much larger and feel a lot more open. Builders ranked this a 4.4 on the likely scale.

These last features made the list but are not as important as those mentioned above.  Builders keep repeating that 16-100-hardwood-drive-upstairs-livinghome buyers have been asking for features that will give additional organization and storage space, an open feel and clean lines.  For the average newly built home, you will find a two car garage, granite countertops and double sink in the kitchen, walk-in pantry, mudroom, bathroom linen closet, front porch  and exterior lighting.

There are also many features builders will stay away from in new homes.  These include outdoor fireplaces, laminate countertops, two-story rooms, carpeting, jetted tub in master bathroom, media rooms and sunrooms. Builders rated all of these as least likely features they will use when building a new construction house this year.

You cannot go wrong with any of the popular features mentioned above if planning to resale, build or purchase a home.  When it comes to real estate you want to always keep track of the up and coming trends.

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