Make Your Front Yard More Appealing Yet Private

You want to show off your lawn, but you also want privacy when you are enjoying it. A great way to do this is by using natural landscaping along your wall or fence. Here are some ways to enhance your privacy and curb appeal at the same time.

1. Install Light and Airy Decorative Screens

A decorative screen is a nice way to add some privacy without saying keep out to everyone. Strategically placing decorative screens is a common tool used to make your front yard a bit more private. A lattice-style wall is both private yet lets light pass through and does not entirely close off a space. Using a lattice-style wall will allow you to add decorative designs, hang things up or run a vine through the wall.

“Decorative screens are a gem. When positioned right, screens can give you much-needed seclusion. The trick isn’t just about hiding away. Instead it’s about creating privacy stylishly without losing the essence of your space,” explains Brian Pal, CEO of Green Pal.

2. Combine Lush Planting with an Ornamental Gate

Iron gates are a nice touch to any front yard. They are welcoming and look great, especially for a Spanish look. Tropical plants are another way to create a private setting in your front yard. These lush green plants help you feel like you are in a tropical oasis.

“Plant fast growing shrubs (like hydrangeas or weigela) either in the ground or in pots that you can move around. This can help block prying eyes while maintaining the natural appeal of your yard, plus it means you can place them strategically,” says Miguel Camperos with SunVara.

3. Choose Evergreen Hedging for Year Round Screening

Evergreen hedges are a great way to create a private setting. You can decide the height that you want. These are fast growing and include Italian cypress, arborvitae or privet.

“Evergreens are my personal favorites too. They’ve got your back throughout the year. If you’re leaning towards hedges, boxwood or privet can be your green guardians, and they’re super moldable as well,” says Clayton.

4. Put Up a Wire Fence and Grow a Pretty Vine Over It

A tall link fence is a perfect way to create some privacy and enjoy nature. All you have to do is install a tall link fence and intwine a vine through it to cover the fence for privacy. This way the fence will look like it is a part of your natural landscaping.

“Vines are one the best plants to cover a fence as they provide a lot of coverage, can grow quickly, and will provide blooms that attract birds and butterflies. Cross-vine is part of the trumpet creeper family, and a super star for being fast growing and giving great coverage, plus it’s super hardy too,” says Amy Hovis of Eden Design and Barton Springs Nursery.

5. Pair a Smart Hedge with a Picket Fence

Having both is a great idea! If you are adding a hedge to outline your front yard, then pair it with a nice picket fence. Make sure you read up on how big the plant that you choose gets.

“Native plants are useful, if possible, and ‘adapted’ plants offer an alternative option. Use something that has proven successful in your area and utilize local nurseries who can help with selecting plants that need minimum care and are adapted to your soil, climate and watering frequency,” says Mike Teal with SSC Services for Education.

These are some great ideas to make your front yard look natural and welcoming with a little privacy. Call in the experts if you are having a hard time with what works best with your home. Remember, there are plenty of creative solutions to enhance front yard privacy landscaping.

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