Bucktown’s Waterfront Project

Bucktown’s waterfront will be restored to a marshland. The $15.5 million dollar project will be along a one-mile stretch of the shoreline in Jefferson Parish. Projects such as these are called living shorelines that help create bunkers with natural materials and green vegetation.

They will start with barging in rocks that will create nine segmented breakwaters in Lake Ponchartrain. The formations will be between Bonnabel Boat Launch and Bucktown Harbor and will help protect the federal levee system and keep it from eroding. There will be 20 feet of open water between the jetties and the new marshland area which will create a pathway for kayakers and canoers.

This is the first time a living shoreline will be used to protect a federal levee system and if it is successful, it will be used in other areas along Lake Pontchartrain’s shoreline.

“It’s habitat restoration that also protects the protection,” Greg Grandy, the incoming executive director of the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority said. “This will reduce the wave energy that comes off of Lake Pontchartrain, particularly during winter storms.”

Funding for the project came from grants and government funding. $4.5 million in grant money came from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The remaining included $2.5 million from the National Wildlife Foundation; $1 million from Louisiana’s construction budget; $4 million from proceeds the parish receives from oil and gas revenues in the Gulf of Mexico; and $3.5 million from the CPRA.

“Having this project here, where you can see a marsh, where you can get educated about our environment, where you can see a living shoreline, this is where we can educate the 99% of the population that lives behind our federal levee system,” Jefferson Parish Council member Jennifer Van Vrancken said.

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