Tips To Take To Get a Higher Value on Your Home

One of the first rooms a buyer looks at is the kitchen. The kitchen has become the heart of a home, and its functionality and appearance are important. This is the reason why kitchens are the most popular room for renovations. Remodeling a kitchen can be very expensive and a lot of work, but will add value to your home. Here are six tips to follow if you want to spruce up your current kitchen.

1. Paint or refinish your kitchen cabinets

This is a simple or cost-effective way to update your kitchen space. Outdated or dingy cabinets can harm a kitchen’s look. If you decide to change the color of your kitchen cabinets, make sure to choose a color that blends with the color scheme of your home. Another simple idea to update your outdated cabinets is to replace the hardware.

2. Add a kitchen island

Every buyer loves more counter space. A kitchen island not only gives extra counter space but storage as well. A kitchen island can drastically open up the room by offering depth and making more efficient use of the space. Kitchen islands not only are a great place to prep food but also can be a great place for additional seating. A nice kitchen island can cost upward of thousands depending on the size, materials, and accessories. If you are on a tight budget, a nice freestanding table can make a great kitchen island.

3. Install new energy-efficient appliances

Energy-efficient appliances are a great way to save energy and cut down costs on utilities. Switching your existing appliances to energy-efficient appliances is a great way to start. When purchasing new appliances look for the Energy Star label.

4. Consider updating your kitchen floor

Kitchen floors get the brunt of the mess in a kitchen. They take a beating from hot food spills, foot traffic, and appliances being moved across the floor. Replacing your old flooring can give your kitchen a facelift. Remember to choose durable and easy-to-clean flooring. Great materials include tile flooring, hardwoods, or artificial wood alternatives.

5. Install a backsplash

A backsplash behind an oven is a great way to protect from harsh spills and build-ups. It also makes it easier to clean them up. Having a backsplash above the kitchen countertops can add dimension and color to your kitchen.

6. Update lighting

Poor lighting in any space is a no-no. A kitchen can look very dingy with poor lighting. Try updating your lighting fixtures with energy-efficient LED bulbs. These will not only brighten up your kitchen but will also add to your energy savings. Adding track lighting and dimmers are another great idea to add ambiance to the space.

A major remodel or a minor remodel with both do wonders for your kitchen and adds value to your home. A Realtor can help you determine how much value can be added.

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