Tips On How To Combine Modern & Vintage Home Decor

Everyone has different tastes and different home designs.  No matter what style you go for, you can always mix modern and vintage decor.  Here are several tips on how to combine modern and vintage home decor from the experts.
Follow Rules of Proportion & Scale
This is especially true when mixing loud patterns with funky vintage decor.  You want to always make sure the space in the room is proportional and flows.  If you have a nice big wooden antique piece of furniture, you can lighten up the room with soft colors, sleek metals and sharp lines.
Unify Styles with Color
If you are mixing old and new furniture, you can create unity with color.  Uniting different styles with similar colors will create a cohesive design.  Designers will tell you that streamlining colors helps bring the room together no matter what else is in there.
Balance the Room with Neutrals
When adding items like vintage wall decor with modern furniture, you want to blend it all together with neutral colors. Designers say you want to  make sure you create room to breathe. Using neutral colors with bold accent items will help keep the space from feeling cramped and cluttered.
Group Similar Items
Grouping similar items when they are different decor styles will create a seamless design.  For example if you have a shelf to display decor, you can choose a theme and blend items that go with the theme but are both antique and modern.  When you have created a solid grouping, then add a pop of color for visual interest.
Make Antiques the Focal Point
If you have a nice antique chandelier, make this the focal point of the room.  Playing up your antiques is the perfect way to show off your one-of-a-kind item in your home. For example if you have old black and white photos, then display them in your home office.
Experiment with Art
This is a great way to combine vintage and modern decor. For example, if you have an antique headboard, you can place modern art pieces above your bed.  Or, go the other route and place vintage art on the walls of a modern room.
Added vintage and modern pieces to a space creates a great visual and is also a great conversation piece.  Remember, a table can be modern, but adding antique seating is a perfect way to spice things up.