Thriving West Bank Community for New Home Construction

One of the many perks of living on the “high ground” of the Mississippi River is that the space to build new construction homes or business is very condensed and highly valued.  This is particularly seen by the inexhaustible french-creole-cottageamount of homes that have been built in the Greater New Orleans area.  Through a rich cultural history, New Orleans has seen its streetscapes and new home construction defined by German, Spanish, and French influences.  In a reflection of this construction development, neighborhoods in this productive city in Southeast Louisiana were also developed based on race, culture, income, and status.  The term French Creole architecture stems directly from the Creoles who established, occupied, and thrived in their own sector of the city of New Orleans on the East Bank of the Mississippi.

New Home Community

Not to be outdone, the West Bank of New Orleans also established an unprecedented and condensed development of new home construction as well as commercial and industrial construction in and around cities such as Terrytown, Gretna, Harvey, Marrero, and Westwego.  All of these productive cities seem to “hug” the crescent in the Mississippi Parkside-20River because the ground right next to the river is considered high ground.  This is the same reason that the French Quarter has never flooded after levees were installed on the Mississippi River – it is the highest ground in the city.  Another new home construction community on the West Bank of New Orleans, just outside of Gretna, Terrytown, and Algiers that has never flooded is the Parks of Plaquemines.  This master planned development features new, custom home construction with community amenities such as private streets, gated entrance, a park & trail system, a swimming pool, tennis court, and tot lot / playground.

Lower Cost to Live Close to New Orleans

In fact, this subdivision is a thriving west bank community for new home construction, and it only gets better.  New Orleans is known for having a high cost of livability.  In other words, being able to afford to buy a new home in New Orleans is challenging because of the high cost of land taxes, utility and sewer rents, and the cost of living in general.  The good news about the neighborhood Parks of Plaquemines is that this community is located a mere 10.2 miles from the Central Business District (CBD) in New Orleans, LA. This means that if you are working in a corporate location IMG_8308in downtown New Orleans, you only have to commute approximately 20 total miles to and from work while saving a huge amount of money on your cost of living expenses.

Lower to No Flood Risk

The subdivision itself just happens to sit on high ground near the river as well.  And, don’t just take our word for it,  once the new FEMA flood maps are adopted, the entire neighborhood will be taken completely out of the flood zone.  Plus, as mentioned earlier, the Parks of Plaquemines has never flooded, not even during Hurricane Katrina.  In addition to its amazing location and flood zone benefits, our community also is located in a parish which has a school district which was just ranked 8th highest in the entire state of Louisiana.  The parish achieved a enough points to move it from a B grade last year to an A grade this year.  The school’s 2014 annual district performance score was 104.8 overall out of 150 compared to a 95 last year.

So, if you are interested in owning your own little piece of high ground along the Mississippi River in New Orleans, Louisiana, you should definitely check out the Parks of Plaquemines, just minutes from all the city has to offer without the cost, flood risk, or expense of private education instead of utilizing the public school system for your kids. To take a tour of the new home construction continually being done at our subdivision, Visit the Parks of Plaquemines Today!  Call 504-364-2350 or E-mail