Green Development

New Orleans Developer No Stranger to Green Development

“Designing the siteplan to preserve and blend in with natural resources has always been my focus,” says David Waltemath, the developer of The Parks of Plaquemines. “For example, designing a street to preserve a beautiful oak tree is the right thing to do – even if it means sacrificing several lots. In the end, the payback is a better looking, better living neighborhood. Consumers today look for neighborhoods with amenities that not only address housing needs, but enhance lifestyle and investment.”

Developing raw land into upscale residential neighborhoods is nothing new for Waltemath, nor is Green Development. Green Development describes an approach to land development where environmental considerations are viewed as opportunities – not obstacles – to create better neighborhoods. The principles of Green Development center on environmental responsiveness, resource efficiency, natural environment preservation and community lifestyle. As an active member of the Urban Land Institute, Waltemath has been an advocate of Green Development for more than thirty years.

So Much More Than Just a Place to Live

“Developing with sensitivity to conservation and preservation is nothing new, yet only in recent years has Green Development even been considered by the majority of residential developers,” said Waltemath. “Neighborhoods of yesteryear offered residents little more than a place to live.”

Consumers today look for neighborhoods with amenities that not only address housing needs but enhance lifestyle and investment – amenities such as walking trails, open green spaces, neighborhood parks, abundant landscaping, lakes and fitness facilities for exercise, and swim and tennis.

“When property is master planned, following the tenets of Green Development and lifestyle enhancing amenities added; the result is outstanding – a neighborhood that only improves over time,” says Waltemath, “a neighborhood that offers a superior lifestyle, lasting appeal, sustainable value, and appreciation.”

David Waltemath’s development, The Parks of Plaquemines, is designed by Green Development criterion and features lifestyle amenities in keeping with Green Development theory, market trends, and upscale market expectations.
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