Terrytown Will Now Have a Revitalization Program

Terrytown located in Jefferson Parish will now have a revitalization program thanks to the Jefferson Parish Economic Development Commission, in coordination with Jefferson Parish President Cynthia Lee Sheng, Councilman-at-Large Ricky Templet and other development partners. In fact, the project already has its first model home currently under construction.

The home, located at 522 Farmington Place, will be built by local Hyman Bartolo Contractors and is set to be completed by the end of the year. This is the first home being built under the Jefferson Parish Neighborhood Revitalization Model Home Pilot Program in Terrytown. It will be designed following the same architectural style found in the neighborhood that was developed by Paul Kapelow in the late 50’s and early 60’s.

“This model home will have a positive economic impact on our community,” said JEDCO President and CEO Jerry Bologna.

Tulane School of Architecture Albert & Tina Small Center for Collaborative Design has developed guidelines to follow which are patterned after mid-century modern. They took their inspiration from historical and existing architectural styles found throughout Terrytown.

The overall project will be overseen by NOEL and will be guided by the Terrytown model home pilot program. The New Orleans Metropolitan Association of Realtors, the Home Builders Association of Greater New Orleans, New Orleans Educational League for the Construction Industry and the Jefferson Parish Finance Authority will also participate in the project.

The Jefferson Parish Neighborhood Revitalization Model Home Pilot Program’s purpose is to ” provide a suite of tools, resources and recommendations that will improve existing housing stock, encourage the development of new desirable housing units and improve the neighborhood amenities and infrastructure in Terrytown. The plan was created to stimulate investment in housing stock that complements surrounding architectural styles while featuring contemporary interior and exterior designs in demand by today’s homebuyers.”

“When a prospective business considers a community, they make decisions based on a number of factors, including quality of life, education and housing. Improving our housing stock and addressing and providing a variety of housing options will allow our community to remain economically competitive and attractive. Our innovative approach to neighborhood advancement, along with our dynamic partnerships, are some of the many reasons why Jefferson Parish continues to be a destination for business,” said Bologna.

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