South Plaquemines Elementary School Visits Delgado Community College

JA BizTown, run by Junior Achievement of Greater New Orleans, is a program for students in elementary and middle school. The educational program focuses on financial literacy and gives students the tools to equip them to one day be successful leaders, employers and executives. January 9, 2020, the fifth and sixth graders from South Plaquemines Elementary were given the opportunity to experience JA BizTown at Delgado Community College (DCC).

SPES students were allowed to help run the town for a day in mock businesses. Ian Ragas, a sixth-grader, was the town mayor and led a town hall meeting. Other businesses run by the students included City Hall, LA SPCA, New Orleans Advocate, Palmisano Contractors, The Blood Center, Fab Lab, Blue Cross of LA, Capital One Bank, Oschner Hospital, and United Way. Students ran the businesses as owners would run them in real life. Some of the tasks included ringing up customers, depositing and withdrawing money, balancing checkbooks, arranging adoptions for pets, building furniture, checking patients’ vital signs, providing massage therapy services, creating name tags, and conducting city hall business.

The fifth and sixth graders were able to use their classroom instructional concepts while working the various businesses. They were able to exbibit rights and responsibilities of citizenship in a community and show how the flow of goods impacts the economy.

Dr. Barrett, the principal of South Plaquemines Elementary School, describes the experience for her students as ” interactive, real-world, and fun.” She is very proud of the school’s students and is eager to send a new group from SPES next year.

This is a field trip this year’s SPES fifth and sixth graders will remember. Students were eager to discuss how their interests and skills helped run the business for a day.

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