Seven Small Changes That Will Make A Big Statement

The housing market is still booming and many homeowners are still turning to renovations vs. buying a new home. In fact, budgets for renovations are rising due to the need for larger kitchens, outdoor spaces and smart home innovations. Here are some small changes that you can have done to your existing home that will make a big impact on the style and look.

Silestone for Countertops

Instead of using granite or marble, use Silestone for new countertops. Granite and marble are desired high end materials, however they are hard to maintain. The new Silestone is made using a patented HybriQ+ technology meaning the products are made out of 20% recycled raw materials, 99% recycled water and 100% renewable electricity.

LED Bulbs and Lighting Made with Responsible Materials

LED light bulbs are a fabulous way to help the planet because they consume less energy. There are many independent companies that will use eco-conscious materials to make lamps, pendants and chandeliers. Bicycle Glass Co. is one that makes high-end fixtures out of 100% recycled glass and David Trubridge makes pendants out of sustainable wood. If you are purchasing wooden items, always look for the Forest Stewardship Council- certified (FSC) label.

Silestone for Tile Backsplash

Ceramic tile has been the go to for a backsplash, but the process of making tile can be a little harsh on the environment. It uses a lot of energy to fire, press and dry the tiles and then the grout and the grout sealer that is used to install the tile can possibly have high levels of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). These VOC’s can cause health issues for homeowners. Using a Silestone backsplash is the solution to eliminating these problems. The product is made out of renewable resources and can be custom sized so the slab fits the whole area.

Opt for Eco-Friendly Paint

Paint is an easy way to spruce up a space in a short period and with little out of pocket. Traditional paint contains high levels of VOC’s that are emitted in your home while the paint dries. A great greener and healthier option is Clare Paint which has zero VOC’s and is Greenguard Gold-certified and The Real Milk Paint Co with zero VOCS that is made with 100% organic materials. Look for the Greenguard Gold- certified label which means the products have low chemical emissions.

Silestone for Flooring

Concrete floors are made with natural elements but are not carbon-friendly. In fact, around 8% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions come from the production of concrete. It also accounts for one-tenth of the world’s industrial water use. Silestone floors come in several different hues and are made with a carbon neutral process.

Natural Fibers and Textiles

Instead of using synthetic fabrics that are treated with chemicals, use natural fibers and textiles that are composed of recycled materials. Certain chemicals like adhesives and flame retardants let off harmful VOC’s. Textile waste is also bad for the environment but is being eliminated by using recycled fabric and mixing them with new materials. If you are interested in a rug, get one that is made out of organic cotton, linen, jute or sisal.

Remember to look for labels that say the materials are safe for you and for the environment. Using materials that are made out of recycled materials are a great way to help with the environment. The greener we are today, the better life will be tomorrow.

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