It’s a Seller’s Market in New Orleans

Realtors in New Orleans seem to be regularly advising their clients to be savvy when pricing their home for sale – they are telling them to list the house above the asking price.  In New Orleans, especially the Uptown and Garden District areas, there is a feeding frenzy going on right now, and it is a SELLER’s market there.  Since the Recession, the inventory on the market has been steadily decreasing from a 2-year supply of homes on the market to now just a 2-month supply of homes in the Garden District.  Because of this, homes are going on the market and getting 3 – 15 offer on it – the majority ABOVE the asking price – in just 24 hours.


Home buyers are mainly people who are looking to invest in the culture and quality of life in New Orleans.  Realtors’ clients include out-of-towners who are relocating to New Orleans in industries such as film, biomedical, digital media, software, and creative professionals.  They are seem to be people who have “fallen in love” with the city of New Orleans – its history, architecture, and accessibility by walking or biking.

The market is so hot right now that Realtors are contacting their previous clients to find out if they would be interested in listing their home for sale – people to whom they may have sold a home over 3 decades previously.  Also, once one homeowner is able to sell her house for a huge profit, other neighbors are following in her footsteps and listing their homes for sale.

Of the homeowner contacted, though, there are holdouts who would not consider selling their home for any price.  These homeowners are admired by Realtors in the area because they are truly invested in the New Orleans way of life.  Also, it’s a huge vote of confidence that people from out of town are willing to pay more than the asking price for a home in New Orleans despite the constant negative media feedback which touts the unsafe conditions in the city of New Orleans.  Living in the Greater New Orleans area – in a safer neighborhood – is worth the small risk because of what you get.

Even though The Parks of Plaquemines is “across the bridge” from the City of New Orleans, this community is an ideal location for relocation for people considering moving to New Orleans.  In New Orleans, you pay higher taxes, utilities, and rents.  You end up forking out a lot of money for having the New Orleans, LA on your physical address.  The Parks of Plaquemines is located a little more than 10 miles from the city of New Orleans either by car or by ferry.  It is a safe location that has never been flooded.  It has also just been re-classified by FEMA as a place where there will be low or no flood insurance requirements for houses built in the neighborhood.

It’s a small piece of the country living convenient to the “big city.”  At The Parks of Plaquemines, you will enjoy amenities which include a system of walking trails all around the subdivision.  Also, traditional amenities such as a pool and tennis court are “in the works!”  So, if you are relocating to New Orleans and would like a little breathing room with easy access to the Central Business District (CBD), Contact The Parks of Plaquemines at 504-364-2350 or E-mail to find out more information on buying a new home today.

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