Renovation of Canal Street Ferry Terminal

Revitalization is going on in many major cities throughout the United States, and the Greater New Orleans area is no exception.  Along with the construction of many new home communities and the renovation and rebuilding of homes in the area, the city wants to refurbish the commercial area between Audubon Aquarium and the former World Trade Center.  One major project is the renovation of the Canal Street ferry terminal.

According to Justin Augustine, Vice President of Transdev, the Regional Authority’s Private Manager, the ferry terminal project has five components. The first is to build a more modern landing structure on top of a barge whichCanal Street Ferry Terminal will form a bigger open space on the riverfront.  Next will be a bus terminal which would connect people from the ferry to a streetcar. A new streetcar line will also be added that would travel Uptown from Canal Street. Two new ferryboats designed with state-of-the-art technology will be added to the fleet.  The boats will also be passenger friendly to encourage non-car traffic to ride the ferry.  Last would be building retail space which would be a great benefit for the area because of the tourist pedestrian riders, and the several hundred people that commute to the city of New Orleans on the Canal-Algiers ferry daily.

Residents of the new home community, The Parks of Plaquemines, can utilize the current ferry system from the West Bank to New Orleans to be able to ride to work in the Central Business District of the city.  The subdivision features a more laid-back lifestyle with custom homes built amid planned green spaces and walking / hiking trails.  The entire community is surrounded by a trail system, and the neighborhood also includes modern amenities such as a playground and swimming pool.  In addition to offering comfortable, quiet, country living, The Parks also is located outside of the city limits and parish limits of New Orleans and Orleans parishes which includes much lower real estate tax rates and sewer and water rates. Another benefit of this community is that the new FEMA maps reduced the flood insurance coverage requirements for this subdivision because of the new elevation standards, and  it has never been flooded.

The new ferry terminal project recently gained a $5 million grant from The Federal Transit Administration which is part of the amount of $59 million nationally that has been set aside to upgrade the country’s ferry systems.  This $5 million along with the $10 million grant from the Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery program will cover the proposed cost of the terminal renovation and may also be used to streamline the intersections around the terminal.  To find out how you can become a homeowner at The Parks of Plaquemines and commute to New Orleans on the new ferry system, Call 504-364-2350 or E-mail

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