Plaquemines Parish Schools Named in Louisiana’s Top School Districts

Even though the Louisiana Department of Education used a tougher grading metric this year, many of the New Orleans area school districts rank the same or better in 2018. Plaquemines Parish Schools ranked #4 best school district in the state.

This ranking is based off a data collected by the U.S. Department of Education and self-reported data by the school districts. An intense analysis of academic and student life data (dropout rates, school funding and poverty rates), test scores and student performance.

There are many other factors that are considered in the rankings. Academics Grade counts as 50% and is based on SAT/ACT scores, academic survey responses from students and parents, and state assessment proficiency. Teachers Grade counts as about 15% which is derived from teacher salary, teacher absenteeism, state test results, and survey responses on teachers from students and parents. Culture and diversity counts for 10% and is based on diversity from students and parents, racial and economic diversity and survey responses on school culture. Another 10% comes from Parent/Student Surveys that are based on their overall experience. Approximately five percent is based on health and safety of the students which comes from data such as chronic student absenteeism, suspensions/expulsions and survey responses. Another 5% is based on resources and facilities expenses per student, staffing and survey responded from parents and students. The last five percent is based off of clubs, activities and sports.

Residents should be honored and proud of the parish’s school ratings. Plaquemines Parish School System has overcome great adversity after being hit so hard by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.


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Click here for source information.