Plaquemines Parish Receives Hurricane Isaac FEMA Grant to Repair Damaged Roads

Helping with its continuing Hurricane Isaac recovery efforts, Plaquemines Parish will receive a $1.28 million FEMA grant to repair roads damaged from the storm, FEMA announced on Monday. Between Aug. 26 and Sept. 10, Hurricane Isaac produced high winds, rain and flooding that hit Plaquemines particularly hard.

“Severe, slow-moving storms like Hurricane Isaac not only can cause tremendous damage to people’s homes and businesses, they can affect the infrastructure people depend on every day,” said FEMA coordinating officer Gerard M. Stolar. “Reimbursing the repair of the levee road puts the parish one step closer to normalcy after Hurricane Isaac.”

FEMA states that the elevated roadway on the parish’s secondary levee required repairs after the water receded, and that the FEMA Public Assistance grant, totaling $1,280,209, helps reimburse those repair costs.

The newly obligated funds are a portion of the $195.5 million in total public assistance recovery dollars approved for the state since the Aug. 29 federal disaster declaration for Isaac, FEMA announced on Monday. Plaquemines has received about $75 million.

Once FEMA reimburses the state of Louisiana it is the state’s responsibility to manage the funds, which includes making disbursements to local jurisdictions and organizations that incurred costs.
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