Plans For A Movie Studio In New Orleans East

Many actors and musicians are New Orleans-born. One of these actors is Anthony Mackie, best known for his role as the Falcon in the Marvel movies. Mackie, 43, has purchased 20-acres in New Orleans east where he will create a movie studio. The land is located at 10 Service Road at Read Boulevard.

The project is still just in the planning stages but several of those that have been involved in the negotiations confirm this is what the property is intended to be used for. The new production company will be called East Studios LLC. The company will join other New Orleans studios including Starlight Studios, The Ranch Film Studios, Second Line Stages, and Swaybox Studios.

Film and television production is booming in New Orleans. According to Chris Stelly, executive group director of entertainment and digital media at the Louisiana Department of Economic Development, there are around twenty movies and television shows that are currently in production in the state of Louisiana.

The state was one of the first states to obtain a financial incentives program for filmmakers almost twenty years ago. In fact, $291 million was put into the Louisiana film industry by AMC, Disney, OWN, Netflix, and many more big industry companies. The motion picture production tax credit gives film productions a tax credit of as much as 40% on qualifying spending in the state, up to $150 million, including payroll for both local and out-of-state labor.

“We were one of the pioneering states in terms of offering incentives to filmmakers, and we’ve done a great job in terms of building state-of-the-art stages,” he said. “A full-fledged studio where you have everything in-house, that’s the ultimate goal.”

Currently, Anthony is the executive producer for the upcoming series “Twisted Metal.” Mackie who studied at New Orleans Center for Creative Arts said the scope of the planned studio is not yet clear. But if it is an “end to end” operation, which would include the acquisition of intellectual property, development, production and marketing, it would mark a new level for Louisiana’s film and television industry.

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