The Perks of Living NEAR New Orleans, Louisiana

When a person thinks of living in or moving to New Orleans, Louisiana, there are many positive ideas and feelings that invoked with that thought.  The most popular draws to this city in the crescent of the Mississippi River are that the city has amazing cuisine, culture, climate (well, for 8 months of the year), and fine arts – music, arts, theater, street performers, etc.  Images turn to the French and Spanish influenced new-orleans-architecture-1architecture of the French Quarter and the simplistic design of cottages and shotgun houses of the Marigny.  There are well-known segments of the city – Uptown, Lakeview, the 9th Ward, and the long glorified Garden District made famous by Anne Rice and her vampires.  And speaking of vampires, visitors and residents alike must remember that the City of New Orleans is about to celebrate its 300th birthday, so it is steeped in history, memories, and sometimes even ghosts.  All that the city has to offer includes not only the partying and debauchery of Bourbon Street or the elegance and wealth of the Garden District, it also is a thriving metropolis with the opportunity to work with some of the nation’s top corporations.

New Orleans is also known for being one of the most entrepreneurial cities in the United States.  In New Orleans, “we celebrate everything,” and this is emphasized in the fact that there are at least 2 conventions / seminars held in the city to encourage and finance start-up small businesses or inventions.  Another less savory thought that comes to mind when someone thinks of moving to and living in New Orleans is the crime and the poverty of the city.  Just like any larger “central city” in America, with a large city comes more people with more problems.  Murders are down, but petty crime and property crime is up – try to figure that one out!

What IF…what if you could “have your cake and eat it too?”  What if there was a place that you could live that had a lower cost of living, lower property taxes, lower city taxes, and lower utility bills.  What if you could design a new custom home, framed out in any architectural style that you wanted, built to your exact specifications on a lot of your choosing?  What if you could live in a city that was semi-private, had a strong police presence, a low crime rate, that was only 10.2 miles from the Central Business District of New Orleans. Would this be an idea that would appeal to you?

Yes? Great!  Welcome to The Parks of Plaquemines, a gated, master planned community just 10.2 miles from the Central Business District of New Orleans.  Our new home subdivision has a country feel with a city flavor.  New homes being designed and built in this neighborhood have many different types of architecturally designs.  While all floorplans are subject to approval by our Architectural Committee, local builders are used to the building homes that appeal to an aesthetic New Orleans-styled home.  Our community has many Amenities including (but not limited to!) a swimming pool and tennis courts.  Because The Parks is located in Plaquemines Parish, you are not subject to the City of New Orleans and Orleans Parish tax rates.  Also, the Plaquemines Parish School District was just ranked 8th in the entire state of Louisiana, receiving an A performance score for the entire district.  This community offers a safe place to live, at a lower cost of living, with an incredible school district – what more could you want?

I know what you’re thinking…it’s New Orleans; it’s going to flood again from a massive hurricane.  Well, we are happy to report that The Parks of Plaquemines existed BEFORE Hurricane Katrina.  It did NOT flood during Katrina, and it has never flooded.  In fact, the subdivision was strategically developed on “high ground” that was just certified by the new FEMA flood maps to need minimal flood insurance in our community.  Currently, we are featuring Traditional Lots for Sale as well as the possibility of building a new, custom home of your dreams with one of our qualified builders.  Our subdivision features the best of both worlds – a close proximity to “playing” and working in New Orleans but living in a less expensive, safe community which also offers walking / biking trails within the community.  So, Come and Visit Us to Check Out Our Quickly Growing Community!  Call 504-364-2350 or E-mail to Schedule Your Tour.