New Orleans Residents Vote Yes For New Tax Plan

New Orleans is known for its beautiful parks and outside living. The city takes pride in its parks and recreation. This month voters approved a tax plan which redirects money to fund parks and recreation in Orleans Parish. The tax money will come from property tax money collected.

“The people of New Orleans made the right call,” said Mayor LaToya Cantrell in a statement. “This millage vote is huge win for our City and for our people. The voters put their voice behind a more sustainable distribution of park funding. This is what it looks like when our people get their fair share – when we do more with the funds that are already available, and we find ways to make them work equitably for all of our people”

City Park officials are excited about the vote turnout. For the first time in the city’s history, City Park will be included in the funding.

“Public funding for City Park was a long overdue idea,” said Bob Becker, City Park’s executive director, in a statement. “This increased funding will allow us to improve the park’s aging infrastructure, which will improve our stormwater management, and to increase our park security. This also will allow us to create an equipment replacement program and a programming department.”

Here is how the funding will be allocated. The new plan will redirect the money collected which is currently used to fund the Audubon Commission (Audubon Zoo and Aquarium) the New Orleans Recreation Development Commission and the Department of Parks and Parkways. City Park will be given $2 million per year, Audubon will take $6.4 million annually and NORDC and the Department of Parks and Parkways will be given an extra $1 million each year.

“Audubon is proud to partner with our fellow park agencies, and we look forward to collaborating to ensure that our community’s tax dollars are put to their greatest use, improving the public spaces in our care and providing more educational opportunities for all of New Orleans,” said Audubon Commission president Kelly Duncan.

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