New Developments Enrich Johnny Jacobs Playground in Marrero

The Johnny Jacobs Playground, known for housing Jefferson Parish’s sole public swimming pool, is undergoing significant enhancements with the introduction of a $3.8 million farmers market and a $1.2 million splash pad. Situated in Marrero at 5851 Fifth Ave, the playground is already popular for its array of facilities including ball fields, a track, a gymnasium, and a tot lot, but these new amenities are set to elevate the community space even further.

The upcoming farmers market, conceptualized by Manning APC, promises to offer a vibrant, canopy-covered area for local vendors. Designed to accommodate 20 vendors ranging from full-time farmers to artists and crafters, the market aims to become a central hub for commerce and community engagement. Positioned at the north end of the playground, adjacent to the West Bank Expressway, the 11,500-square-foot space also includes essential facilities like restrooms for convenience and comfort.

A short distance from the bustling market, the playground will feature a new splash pad, covering 2,400 square feet and offering an array of water features within a semi-fenced area for safety. Located next to the pool, this addition aims to provide children with a fun and refreshing water attraction. The design incorporates three picnic shelters, ensuring families can enjoy a full day of relaxation and fun in a comfortable setting.

Parish Council member Byron Lee highlights the significance of these developments, noting that the farmers market will fill a void between Gretna and Westwego, offering local residents and vendors unique opportunities for commerce. Lee envisions the playground evolving beyond a mere recreational space; he aspires to incorporate educational and financial literacy programs for both youth and adults, further contributing to the community’s growth and well-being.

The enhancements to Johnny Jacobs Playground mark a promising step towards enriching community life in Marrero. With the introduction of these amenities, the park is poised to become more than just a place for physical activity; it’s set to transform into a vibrant community center where education, commerce, and recreation intersect. Residents can look forward to enjoying these new features while benefiting from the increased opportunities for learning and engagement in their local area.

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