Neighborhoods in New Orleans with Homeowners Associations

Nobody wants an unsightly home with an overgrown yard, piles of junk, or a home with chipping or peeling paint next to their home.  This might be one of the main reasons why we see a trend of new homes being built in communities with associations.  The Census Bureau’s Survey of Construction (SOC) states that out of the homes built in 2014, 58% were built within a community or home owner’s association.  Where do the neighborhoods in New Orleans fit in that 58%?  The West Central Division that includes Louisiana was at 63.4%.078

While some may have a negative point of view on community associations, there are a lot of benefits that come from having an HOA in a new home community.

Most importantly is community appearance.  When searching for a new home, homebuyers want to see a welcoming, kept subdivision.  No one wants to purchase a home surrounded by multiple boats and RV’s, falling down fences or tackily painted houses.  HOA boards define rules for the neighborhood such as how many cars or what types of cars can be parked on your property, if you can have a basketball goal in your driveway, or even things such as decorations in your yard.  The HOA also has the authority to approve paint colors, fence designs, landscape designs and landscape features.  The HOA will notify residents if their yard is looking unkempt or their home needs exterior repairs. These rules and regulations maintain a well-kept and appropriate appearance.

Low maintenance is appealing to prospective home buyers. HOA’s can reduce the subdivision workload to keep a 041community maintained by keeping up the common areas.  Some HOA’s include services such as trash pickup or lawn care in their monthly or annual dues.

Neighborhood amenities are a great selling point for a new construction neighborhood and are also alluring for a new home owner.   HOA’s can offer many different amenities depending on HOA neighborhood fees.  Some examples of these are swimming pools, tennis courts, walking trials, playgrounds, community center, and sports areas designated for residents within the development.

The last great benefit for residents is the Association Management.  Rather than confronting a neighbor which, more than likely, will turn into a dispute, you can have the Association Management step in and mediate.

Remember when looking to buy a new home always research association fees and regulations to make sure you are comfortable with the neighborhood’s HOA.  Developments with HOA’s will always benefit from these organizations.

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