Federal City’s Face-lift

Federal City, the former Naval Support Activity site, that is located on the West Bank will hopefully soon see life again. This 200-acre complex along the Mississippi River was once part of the Navy. In 2005, the Navy pulled out and leased the property to the Algiers Development District. Algiers Development District turned the site into Federal City, but only the Marine Corps Support Facility, a Subway shop, health club, credit union and small hotel have been successful. The remainder of the land has stood dormant.

The former military base is back in discussion with two separate developers. The Finch Group, from Boca Raton, Florida, and B-T+MSG, a joint venture of Bossier City’s Brown Builders; Fairfield Property Management of Shreveport; and New Orleans’ Metro Services Group all Louisiana-based companies, are in discussion with The Algiers Development District to either purchase or long-term lease a portion of the property. The new proposal will cover just 10% of the property but will include housing and new businesses. In discussion are single-family housing, condominiums and commercial development.

Each developer will submit their proposals to the Algiers Development District to be approved. The Finch Group developments will encompass 8.2 acres of Federal City and will include commercial development and housing. B-T+MSG will include 12.5 acres and will focus on residential development only.

Senator Troy Carter chairs the Algiers Development District board and is excited about the new proposals. He believes this venture will succeed because they will “avoid problems of the past.” The previous proposals involved all 200-acres but the current proposals only include smaller sections of the property. The proposals that are on the table now have been carefully reviewed by the Algiers Development District committees for their financial soundness, development track record and architectural integrity.”

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