Federal City in Algiers Point Passes Another Milestone

Another huge step has been taken on the plans for the redevelopment in New Orleans – Federal City.  On Tuesday, May 21, 2013, the Navy donated 118 acres of the closed Naval facility to the Algiers Development District Board.  This board is overseeing the construction of Federal City which is a multi-purpose, multi-use, master planned development – a much broader definition of a traditional neighborhood development.  Federal City will span 156  near Algiers Point on the only part of the West Bank of New Orleans that borders the river.  This development will feature a mix of administrative, commercial, research & development facilities, 1,400 residential units and recreational development opportunities.

Federal City is designed to be just that – its own city with office space, retail, restaurants, hotels, and entertainment.  In addition, it also has 350,000 square feet of civic and educational buildings, courtesy of the existing structures from the Navy Base.  Requirements for the development called for a YMCA Swimming Pool & Expanded Fitness Facility which is already under construction and near completion.  Other planned and/or ongoing projects include a levee bike and walking path, grocery and/or convenience stores, restaurants and retail facilities, hotel expansions, and an expansion of Delgado Community College which sits adjacent to Federal City.

Tuesday was an historic moment as the Navy has owned this acreage since 1849 when it acquired some “land along the river.”  The Navy base itself became operational in 1901 and serviced the Greater New Orleans area until it shuttered its doors in September, 2011, because of the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Round.  The Navy decided to put the deserted base to good use by donating it to the developer’s board of directors.

In addition to the construction of the YMCA, and before the Navy would give up the land, the developers also had to complete other “quality of life projects” such as a parking garage and retail facility, a child care center, a hotel, the Federal City Auditorium and the north gate for the Marine Corps Support Facility New Orleans. With the donation of the land, the development of Federal City is anticipated to move along at a rapid rate.

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