Colonial Country Club In Harahan Might Turn Into A Residential Development

A revised agreement will go in front of the Harahan city officials and City Council to redevelop Colonial Country Club into a residential development. In last month’s meeting which lasted six and a half hours the revised agreement was drafted from the many amendments.

The golf course has been abandoned since it closed in 2012. The 88-acre site that sits between Jefferson Highway and the river in Harahan, is a nice green space according to many local residents. The redevelopment is not what many neighbors want.

The plan the current developers, Danny McKearan and Wayne Ducote have in mind is to build houses along with a 40-acre internal parcel along Colonial Club Drive, close to the river and on 15-acres along Jefferson Highway. Neighbors are concerned about the construction traffic and drainage problems caused by the construction. Another issue is what will happen to the mature oak trees.

To meet those concerns, a plan was devised to build a street exiting on Jefferson Highway, rather than traffic being routed along Colonial Club Drive.  Construction traffic will also be routed down the new road. A retention pond will be added so there will be no drainage concerns. The lots will be laid out to preserve as many of the mature oak trees as possible.

“That property is a whole lot more interesting to what I envision with every tree,” McKearan said.

“I think we’ve got a better agreement than before the meeting started,” Councilman Tommy Budde said. “More than likely this project is going to move forward.

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