Boost Your Curb Appeal By Painting Your Shutters

A great way to update your curb appeal is to paint the exterior of your home. This can be a huge expense and might not be in your financial plan right now. If you have a smaller budget in mind, think about just painting your shutters to update your home’s look and curb appeal.

If your shutters are dated, you might want to think about updating them to make sure the shutters fit your home. “Having an accurate ratio of shutter to window is pretty critical,” says Greenville, South Carolina-based interior designer Taylor Hill. “You want to make sure your shutters are architecturally correct, meaning if they were to close, they would actually cover the window.” Once this is achieved, follow these professional tips.

Play with Color…Correctly

Even if your favorite color is purple, you would not want to paint your shutters purple unless you live in a tropical area or an eclectic home. Remember to consider what type of home you live in. Many neighborhoods have HOA rules and regulations, so you have to be mindful of the HOA’s color palette.

Consider a More Modern Monochromatic Look

Even a traditional home can have a nice clean modern look. One way to accomplish this is to paint your shutters the same hue as the exterior of your home. “It delivers a very chic look without being trendy,” Hill says.

Take a Tone-on-Tone Approach

“If I’m starting with a neutral-colored house, I’ll often look at the undertones present in the exterior paint color to help us determine a shutter color,” Hills says. Hill confirms that this will add both contrast and balance to your curb appeal.

Embrace Classic Contracts

“I love a glossy black pop against a pretty red brick house,” Chelsea Robinson, a Nashville interior designer, says. “Painted white brick might be really trendy right now, but you don’t have to fall into a trend to make a big impact.”

Keep it Natural

If you live near the coast, a natural-looking shutter is perfect for you. A natural wood shutter adds instant character with low maintenance. When you have a natural wood shutter, natural elements can improve their look by oxidating the wood and giving it a green or copper hue color.

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