Benefits of Tree Coverage for a Home

What will shade from tree coverage do for your home?
Increase home value
Keep things cool
Decrease utility bills
Reduce UV exposure
Cut carbon emission

Professionals in the industry will agree that trees and shrubs are not just great for a home’s curb appeal but also for social, communal, environmental, and economic benefits. It is said that tree coverage makes for a healthy and happy living environment. Here are some benefits of having tree coverage around your home.

Increase Home Value

Planting trees and shrubs around your home can increase your home’s value. Homes with mature trees are more alluring to prospective buyers. In fact, HGTV reported that the home value increases 7 – 19% if there are mature trees surrounding it. The Arborist News did a study that showed there is a 3 – 5% price increase in homes with trees in the front yard, a 6 – 9% price increase when there are a lot of trees in a neighborhood and a 10 – 15% price increase if there are mature trees in a high-income neighborhood. A Michigan University study reports that landscaping will give you a 109% return on your investment!

Keep Things Cool

Summer heat is not only uncomfortable but is also heavy on utility consumption. Trees are a perfect solution. They are not only beautiful to look at but also an effective cooling measure. Urban areas are usually hotter than the surrounding suburban areas. This is due to the lack of trees, grass, and shrubs in the city. Landscaped areas with trees and turf can be 25 degrees cooler than the asphalt area in the same location. The USDA’s Forest Service did a study revealing that  a young tree is equivalent to ten room-size air conditioners operating 20 hours a day.

Decrease Utility Bills

This is good for our wallets and the environment. Trees can reduce the temperatures by 6% through shade and adding moisture to the air.  The Center for Urban Forest Research claims that trees planted on the west side of your home can reduce your energy bill costs by 3% over 5 years and 12% within 15 years. Over time, these results can greatly help you make your home more eco-friendly.

Reducing UV Exposure

Shade is your skin’s best friend when it comes to reducing bad UV exposure. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the US according to the American Cancer Society. Trees are a natural sunblock that provides a physical barrier between your skin and the sun. A neighborhood that is covered in trees reduces UV exposure in half!

Cut Carbon Emission

The whole world has seen an increase in global CO2. Trees are extremely important when it comes to the earth’s carbon emissions. Trees can store over 708 million tons of carbon, in urban areas trees can store an additional 28.2 million tons of carbon and 100 million mature trees around homes can equal up to $2 billion annually in reduced energy costs.

Remember in order for trees to flourish and help the environment, homeowners need to care for trees and the landscaping around their homes. Experts can give trees a checkup to keep them healthy and keep them going from the roots up.

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