Belle Chasse Medal of Honor Park Honors War Veterans Will Finally Be Completed

The Louisiana Medal of Honor Park is finally going to be finished after construction came to a halt about 18 years ago. Originally the park was created to display over 4,000 medal recipients from the Civil War to present-day conflicts.

The structure was built by Seabees from the neighboring Naval Air Station and Joint Reserve Base. The five large concrete structures that make up the monument have been funded by donors and volunteers throughout the years.

“It’s an ongoing process for sure and the upkeep of it and the maintenance and everything,” park designer and board member Jody Coyne said.

Over the years the park has been short in supply for funding to complete it. Coyne says the park site is a tribute to all those who have served in the military and is a labor of love. It is a special play for Plaquemines Parish’s military community.

The funding to complete the 34-acre tribute will come from a federal grant that is also paying for a new main gate to the Navy base across the street from the park.

“If everything goes right, we should finally have a nice pavilion building with restrooms and stuff for the public, a large playground area in the front and a museum building off to the left side,” Coyne said. “We hope we can complete this and dedicate this, have another re-dedication ceremony to honor everyone’s that ever given the ultimate sacrifice.”

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