Algiers Annual Bonfire – A Festival Created

It has been said (and heard) that living in the Greater New Orleans area is like living in a different culture.  First-time visitors to the city often find themselves either falling in love with the city or absolutely disliking the place and wishing never to return.  Luckily for the New Orleans the-algiers-bonfire-rTourism Industry, it’s more of the former than the latter.  One of the examples of the “other-worldly” aspects of the City of New Orleans and beyond is the tradition of the Christmas bonfires which are said to “light the way” for Papa Noel (or Santa Claus, depending on your ancestry).  In Europe, this practice is common in France, Germany, and even England.  The Christmas Eve bonfires begun by the French and German immigrants in St. James Parish between 1880 – 1900 have taken on a life of their own in the New Orleans area.

Just like Mardi Gras and every other “season” in New Orleans (an NO, we’re not talking about the weather), New Orleanians started a tradition about 20 years ago to start off the Christmas season with a bonfire on Algiers Point.  Originally, the Algiers Bonfire was started by a joint effort of the Algiers City Council, the sheriff’s department, and the fire department.  Even though lighting a bonfire on the levee of the Mississippi River is no small task, the event did not have the usual “gusto” that goes into organizing a celebratory event in the city of New Orleans.  This year, the Algiers Bonfire has (you guessed it) turned into a festival, complete with sponsors, a stage, and a musical lineup.  Even the Algiers Ferry is scheduling special hours to accommodate the event with extended hours Saturday night, December 6th.  The last ferry will leave from Algiers at 9:45pm and the last ferry will leave from Canal St. at 10pm.

This year’s Algiers Bonfire / Festival / Event is sponsored by First NBC Bank and the Algiers Economic Development Foundation along with other local business and food and drink sponsors.  Guests will not go hungry or thirsty as there will be food trucks and beverages served.  Below is the musical lineup for the evening as well.  If you are planning on getting out and about on the West Bank of the City of New Orleans, be sure to keep a watch and a ferry schedule handy and enjoy the kickoff to the Christmas season with this year’s Algiers Bonfire and Festival.

Entertainment Line up

DJ Rik Ducci
5:00pm – 5:20pm
Romy Kaye and The Mercy Buckets
5:20pm – 6:20pm
DJ Rik Ducci
6:20pm – 6:35pm
Diablo’s Horns
6:35pm – 7:45pm
Second Line to Bonfire
7:45pm – 8:00pm
The Lighting of the Bonfire

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