A New Rapid Bus Line From Algiers to New Orleans East Gains Support

The $250 million Regional Transit Authority plan has been approved after the second attempt. The plan will use dedicated lanes and rail-style stations that stretch 15 miles from New Orleans East to Algiers.

This will be the first rapid bus line that will receive federal funding even though some Algiers residents are opposed. They are worried about the traffic that it will create over the Crescent City Connection.

The new line will run from Read Boulevard in New Orleans East through the Central Business District and then it will go over the bridge. It will have separated lands and traffic signal priority. This will help with the buses running in 10-minute intervals.

The Regional Transit Authority hopes to obtain federal funding for half of the project’s total cost. If approved after the April submission, the bus line could open as early as 2027. This is a great project for the future of New Orleans as it is one of seven out of the nation’s 50 largest metropolitan regions without some type of rapid transit service.

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