A New Home For Brown Butter Restaurant

A local favorite is the pimento cheeseburgers, smoked brisket, and crab mac and cheese at the well-known Brown Butter Southern Kitchen + Bar.  The restaurant which is currently located in Mid-City will close its doors temporarily. They hope to reopen in a new location as their current location will become a medical facility according to the restaurant’s landlord.
“Needless to say, our hearts were broken, and we weren’t left with enough time to facilitate a smooth transition to another location,” he wrote.
Brown Butter opened its doors in 2015 and savors local Southern flavors with a Louisiana twist.  In fact, owner Simon Beck and chef Dayne Womax called it the “Bible Belt cuisine.”  The full-service bard and cocktail establishment was always busy, especially for brunch.
“This definitely isn’t a goodbye, we’ll see y’all down the line somewhere,” wrote co-owner Simon Beck in a message to customers.