A New French-Style Deli in Faubourg St. John

Fair Grinds Coffee House has been purchased by the owners of Cafe Degas. Cafe Degas, a restaurant that has served French cuisine in Faubourg St. John for almost 40 years, will convert the space into a new French-style deli. Co-Owner Jacques Soulas said the space at 3133 Ponce de Leon Street will expand the kitchen capacity for Cafe Degas.

Cafe Degas opened its doors in 1986 by co-owners Jacques Soulas and Jerry Edgar. The building was formally a babershop on Esplanade Avenue and even though the restuarant has expanded, the kitchen space has not.

The new concept is still in plans along with the name. There will be a casual cafe along with a counter service deli. The menu will focus on French style sandwiches and pastries serve with coffee drinks. Like neighbor Mayhew Bakery, the new sandwiches will be served with pate, French salami, and ham and Brie.

“We’re delighted that Café Degas is taking it on and excited to see what they’ll do there,” said Wade Rathke, who ran Fair Grinds from 2011 until the coffee shop closed this spring.

Fair Grinds Coffeehouse open its doors in 2000, replacing former True Brew Coffee, by owners Robert Thompson and Elizabeth Herod. The coffee shop closed its doors after Jazz Fest.

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