A New Bakery In Gretna

There is a new Vietnamese bakery in Greta, called Dough Nguyener’s Bakery, named after the family owners, which opened its doors March 17th. The unique business is not only a retail bakery but also a production bakery.

The restaurant serves both American and Vietnamese dishes and has a unique twist on fried chicken. This dish includes a whole fried chicken that is called the Ngyener Nguyener chicken dinner. Their take on the New Orleans style French bread is a little different and made more the Vietnamese way. The differences are in the crust and shape, the crust is a bit softer, the bread more dense and the shape more like a Parisian baguette.

A good portion of the menu for the retail restaurant is more of Vietnamese tradition. These include an iron skillet of beef stew with curry flavor, slices of steak and fried eggs and pate called bo ne. Pastries include pate chou meat pis and steamed buns. For dessert, there is che khuc bach which is a colorful dessert made of tropic fruit salad, jellied fruit garnish and almonds.

“We’re digging into our roots more here. We’re introducing new things from our tradition, says Achote.

The famous fried chicken can also come as Nguyener wings glazed with a soy-based fish sauce chili glaze and a traditional multi piece fried chicken plate with sides. The whole bird dish is coated first with tapioca which makes it a bit more chewy. The sides consist of both east and west flavors including macaroni and cheese, coleslaw, kimchee salad, and garlic noodles to name a few.

Come enjoy some unique and fun bakery items and food items at Dough Nguyener’s Bakery in Gretna. Known for yummy carnival cakes since Carnival season in 2022.

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