A Dozen Must Haves For Today’s Buyers

By now everyone has reshaped the way they see a home. The COVID pandemic pushed city dwellers to the suburbs and prices took a sharp turn up with the supply and demand. One thing that has not changed is location. Zillow reports that buyers look for a safe neighborhood, walkable neighborhood, close to shopping, short commute to school and work, sense of community, close to friends and family and preferred school district. Here are the top 12 amenities buyers are still looking for.

1. Updated Kitchens and Baths

These two areas of a home are where homeowners spend a lot of time. In a survey conducted by the Metropolitan Regional Information Systems Inc., 81% of those who were surveyed said that updated kitchens and bathrooms were the most important feature in a home. That means that the majority of buyers who are looking for a home will make a decision based on the kitchen and bathroom conditions.

2. Open Floor Plans

Especially after the stay-at-home orders, an open floor plan is a must-have feature. Open floor plans are less confining and are more versatile. Now that we can all get together again, an open floorplan is great for entertaining because it allows for mingling and a great party flow. If a homeowner is still working from home, an open floor plan can allow for a great space to create a temporary workspace.

3. Air Conditioning

Every region in the county has some sort of change of season whether you live in a warm climate or cold climate. Central systems are a great way to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Air conditioning is a great way to maintain humidity in your home’s environment.

4. Energy Efficiency

Over the last several years this has become a very important feature in a home. As they say,  the green movement is here to stay. Buyers are looking for homes with energy-efficient windows, insulation, heating systems or solar panels. These are a few features that can help with not only your energy cost but with the planet as well.

5. Low Maintenance Features

Low maintenance and energy efficiency complement one another. These features keep the cost down on a home, especially for a first-time home buyer who is having a hard enough time coming up with a down payment. Every penny counts!

6. Technology

New York City is a place that is very technically savvy but when it comes to living there, people are moving out because of the poor Wi-Fi connections and good cell service. Buyers are looking for more tech-friendly homes nowadays. A strong dependable Wi-Fi connection and good cell service are a must.

7. Curb Appeal

A buyer’s first impression is when they drive up to a home. The wow factor has to be there to catch their attention. A good way to accentuate the curb appeal of your home is to add plants, a new front door, new stonework, a new portico or outdoor lighting. You want to do everything you can to enhance your home from the view of the street.

8. Bringing the Outdoors In

Buyers want to be able to enjoy nature and have outdoor spaces. During the pandemic being stuck at home meant you had to have a space outdoors to be able to get outside every once in a while. Buyers are looking for porches where they can sit and eat or have a cocktail party. Stone patios with outdoor kitchens and outdoor furniture have become very popular.

9. Laundry Rooms

Laundry is always piling up, especially with busy lives. A laundry room is a great addition because you can close the door and hide your dirty laundry so to speak. In this day in age, it is very rare anyone has time to do the laundry every day so a place to store it is a must. A laundry room closer to the bedrooms is a plus.

10. Garage Area That Can Work as Storage

Buyers are always looking for storage space. If you have storage space in the garage, this is a bonus. Houses can get cluttered very quickly so having a place in the garage to store items is a very handy must-have.

11. Walk-In Pantry

Most families buy in bulk at stores such as Bj’s or Costco, so they need a place to store the large quantities. Buyers want a walk-in pantry. Even if buyers do not shop in bulk, most do not shop on a weekly basis, so they need a place to stock up.

12. General Suitability

A buyer does not want to walk into a house that has bright pink walls in the bedroom or ugly bold colors in the kitchen. Buyers tend to be attracted to homes with neutral coloring, high ceilings for airflow and lots of natural light.

Every home will not fit all a buyer’s wants so you will want to prioritize what is most important. A realtor can help you prioritize and negotiate for you when purchasing a home.

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