5 Things To Do To Turn Your Patio Into a Living Room

An outdoor space should feel like an extension of your house. Outdoor furniture, fabrics and decor can make your outdoor space a place to relax and never want to leave. Sunbrella fabrics give these 5 ways to turn your patio into a living room.Outdoor kitchen area has most everything you need to make a complete meal. All the appliances are stainless steel. There is a tv for entertainment as you cook.

1. Add an Awning for a Retractable Ceiling

Adding an awning will not only shield you from the rain but can also give you a bit of shade. If you want the sun or a view of the stars at night, then a retractable awning is the perfect versatile way to go. Retractable awnings can also make a statement as well as protect you from the harmful UV rays. These retractable awnings come in an array of colors in both solids or stripes and are water repellant, mildew-, mold-, and stain-resistant, and low maintenance.

2. Pick Patterns that Pop

The outdoor living space is the perfect place to try something bold. Mix and match stripes with solids and choose colors that will stand out. Using different patterns and textures can create dimension and visual interest. Matching everything is a thing of the past.

3. Up the Plushness

When you think of a sofa, you think of softness and plushness, a place you want to snuggle up and never leave. A plush place to relax is not only for the living room but can also be used in an outdoor space. To make your outdoor space a comfy and cozy area, use quality cushions along with couches or daybeds. Be sure to choose water repellant and resistant fabrics that are durable. They will dry fast after a quick rain storm and are resistant to mold and mildew.

4. Make Space for Your Favorite Hobbies

Take your favorite activities outdoors such as listening to music, playing board games, reading, or watching the game on a big screen tv. A good idea is to make many mini interest areas. For example, you can make a grilling zone with an outdoor kitchen, a sitting area and a book nook. You want to mix in shading and furniture that is comfortable so you can enjoy your space day or night.

5. Pull it All Together With a Rug

A rug pulls any space together by anchoring your space and creating visual interest. Make sure to purchase an outdoor run that can withstand the outdoor elements. You will want to find a rug that is made of synthetic materials like acrylic, nylon and polypropylene.

Follow these five tips when creating your perfect outdoor space. Have fun and mix it up!

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