5 Small Changes to Save Money on Your Home

Everyone would love to save money where they can. Your home is not only one of your most valuable assets but an area where you can save a good bit of money. Here are five simple maintenance tips that can help you save money down the road.

Seal leaky doors and windows

Windows and doors that let in hot or cold air can be a nightmare. Not only is your house drafty and uncomfortable, the heating and cooling bills are also high. This is one area a homeowner can cut down on the cost of monthly utility bills. A homeowner needs to make sure their windows and doors shut properly and seal. The first step is to make sure all the latches work properly. Another way to make sure the seal is working is to use weatherproofing stips. Change out singled-paned windows for double-paned windows which are much more energy-efficient.

Clean the gutters

Clogged gutters can damage the outside and inside of your home. The purpose of the gutters is to make sure water is pushed away from your house. A big problem with clogged gutters is the stagnant trapped moisture that can cause your roof to rot. The water that should be lead away by the gutters can also seep into your home’s foundation or basement. Insects and animals also can be attracted to clogged gutters. Schedule a time to clean your gutters so they won’t get clogged.

Replace rotted trim

Trim is a nice upgrade and gives a home a custom look, but it also serves an important purpose. Trim along the roofline, doors and windows keeps water from seeping into the corners of your house. Since the trim is constructed out of wood it will rot. Rotted trim is a great home for insects and small pests and if left untreated the rot can spread to the house framing. Inspect your home’s trim every so often to make sure it is not rotted in some areas. Replace the rotted areas of trim to avoid any disasters.

Change furnace filters

Dirty filters in your HVAC systems can cause several problems. Air needs to be able to flow easily through clean filters. Dirty filters cause your unit to work harder which increases your utility bill. Not only will a dirty filter make the unit work harder, but it can also damage the unit. Ice can form on the coils that will eventually cause mold growth. If this occurs the whole unit will have to be replaced. It is a good idea to replace your air filters every few months.

Upgrade according to your homeowner’s policy

Many homeowners insurance will allow a discount for certain upgraded items on a home. Some examples would be a monitored home security system, or Simplisafe (types of sensors) that are temperature sensors for extreme weather changes. Premiums can also be lowered by replacing your roof or adding new plumbing or wiring. A good idea would be to read the fine print on your policy or simply call your insurance agent before you make an improvement or upgrade to see if it would count for a discount on your monthly premiums.

Remember to become familiar with your home and keep a regular maintenance schedule. “Unlike a car, you don’t get an owner’s manual for your house. A car will warn you that you need an oil change after 10,000 miles, but your home doesn’t come with that,” says Kevin Busch, vice president of operations at Mr. Handyman, a Neighborly Company.

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