John “Ike” Capdevielle II Architect, LLC
10343 Siegen Lane
Building 4A
Baton Rouge, LA 70810
Office: 225.768.7719

My background in Architecture started in 1972 as an intern with the renowned Architect of Louisiana, A. Hays Town. Working with him for ten-plus years on numerous, unique, residential projects, I learned the importance of using historical architectural details combined with salvaged building materials in a way to create an instant comfortable and livable-styled home. I started my own firm in 1983, and I’m continuing to provide that same feel of traditional-styled architecture that I learned from Mr. Town in all of my designs. I have been told by my clients that my designs have a feel of “timeless architecture.” I personally design all of my projects, and I enjoy working with my clients from start to finish. When looking for that unique home, consider John J. “Ike” Capdevielle, II as your next residential design professional.